Saturday, October 11, 2008

Finding the Pearl

Sara has been absurdly busy for the past couple of weeks, which make for a nutty household... makes me appreciate having kids that are a little older though. At the moment, Sam and Lily are old enough to fend for themselves a bit, and i can do things like take a shower without worrying that downstairs someone is putting cheese into the DVD player. Not to say that they wouldn't try if I happened to leave a pile of cheese in front of the DVD player, which is why (I'm assuming) cheese drawers were invented in the first place. This morning, for example, not only did I take a shower, but I had two - that's right I said TWO - double espressos before I got Lily into her ballet gear and Sam into soccer duds, squeezed every drop of pee out of them so we wouldn't add 10 bathroom trips into our schedule, fed everyone, and headed out of the house with our bag of snacks, drinks and water bottles, shoe changes, extra clothes, my newspaper, an epi-pen, and Nintendo DS for good measure.
On the plus side, I did come across an epicurean delight I wouldn't have found if Sara was home. We hardly ever have fast food, but every once in a while we'll stop somewhere... and the other night I ended up taking the kids to Wendy's after a few minutes of Wendy's-themed chanting from the back seat. Long staring-at-the-menu-story short, I ended up getting the 'Baconator' simply because, well, how can you not order something called the Baconator? Seriously. Could they have come up with a more delicious name? I think not. It just rolls right off the tongue. Try it - B-A-C-O-N-A-T-O-R. See? I want one right now. Couldn't be better if they called it the "You Are Really Attractive, Have A Great Sense Of Humor and a Large Penis" sandwich. Anyway, in case you haven't had one, they're spectacular. Granted, I had to go through a complicated desalination process afterwards, but it was worth it. I think if you skipped church and had a Baconator instead, God would be like, "Yeah, I'll give you that one."
So we're finally back at the house, drawing aliens and ponies and waiting for Sara to come home, but all is well. It occurred to me this morning that the best way to help her through hectic days is to make sure she doesn't have to worry about anything at home. So at the moment I'm trying my best to keep the kids happy and healthy... and me, well, as long as Wendy's doesn't scale back their menu in these trying financial times, I'll be just fine.
Oh, by the way, thanks for the pictures dad... perfect.
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