Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friday, December 05, 2008

Dr. Who

As odd as this feels to write, I had a marvelous Thanksgiving. Honestly. Most holidays, you'll have to admit, have some amount of stress attached to them. As if all the planets mysteriously aligned, I had a great time. Most of it, I think can be attributed to the food high I had after going to Maria's house. I'm used to being around large volumes of food, but don't often have an entire full size chafer just to myself... so yeah, I'm still full.
Not to blow past the majesty of our meal, but I'm sure you all ate enough to imagine... Anyway, the next morning we were on our way back to Moorestown, and finally stopped at Rutgers since we talk about it almost every time we drive by. The first stop, of course, was the grease trucks. I feel like since I am passionate about food, the kids should be exposed to all sorts of things... granted, they don't eat much of anything at the moment, but we'll wear them down eventually. When we pulled up in the car, Sam (who once ate a piece of corn off of the ground in a chicken coop) first reaction was "It's a truck? That they make food in? Is that clean?" "Of course," I said, and then mumbled under my breath "if by clean you mean there isn't a raccoon working the grill". Of course, I had no choice but to get the Fat Cat for old times sake - which is a sandwich made out of two hamburgers, fries, lettuce and tomato, topped off with some sort of orange sauce. Oh, I think there was an egg in there too. Unfortunately, it was about 20 degrees out, so we had to eat in the car instead of right there on the street... but the grease still tasted just like Rutgers... We made some stops on the way out too - old houses, stomping grounds, bars, shops, and streets I've walked hundreds of times.
Back in Moorestown, I spent the rest of the weekend with some of my oldest friends at my 20th high school reunion. To be honest, there's too much to say... what I can tell you is that I came home feeling blessed. Blessed for what I had then, and for what I have now.

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