Sunday, August 02, 2009

Well That Was Fast...

Ok, here's a quick update after the last post -
On Saturday night we had some friends of ours come over for dinner, and just as they arrived and I was getting some food together, the phone rang... and yeah, you guessed it, it was a guy from Friendly's named Steve.
Steve, it turns out, was a pretty nice guy... and it turns out the spoon does have a higher purpose - it turns out that the spoon clips on to the Friend-z blender, and after they put the ice cream and toppings in the cup, the spoon is the thing that does the actually blending. When it's all mixed, they just unhook the top of the spoon and leave it in the cup. Apparently, it's an easier and much more sanitary way to make the things, because the machine is sealed off and the only thing that ever touches the ice cream is the spoon that they give you. Who knew.
Anyway, Steve seemed to gather by the sound of raucous children and margaritas being blended it wasn't the best time to talk, even though I told him I was thrilled to get a call (at home on a Saturday night, wtf?) from Friendly's with an answer.
"Thanks for your letter and for the nice things you said about Friendly's, I really enjoyed reading it," he said, "and I sent it to our CEO Ned Lidvall and the GM, so next time you go in make sure to let them know who you are."
Mmm, Friendly's fame. Sweet.
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