Sunday, February 19, 2006

il mio terzo bambino, Nuova Simonelli

The first weekend at home with a new baby is always special. Sure, it's tiring... always a bit more effort than you anticipated... but once you're settled, and into a groove, it gets easier and you have time to enjoy everything that makes your family special.
This weekend, we finally had a chance to relax a bit, and had a somewhat kitchen-focused couple of days. Homemade ravioli on Saturday night, and Sam helped roll out the pasta... he is pretty good at it actually, went at a good speed, held up the sfoglia while it was fed between the rollers without ripping it... I was pretty impressed. It might just be something genetic. Maybe the wee bit of him that is Italian crept out on Saturday and just knew how to do it... He seemed to be a bit under the weather for the last few days, and didn't eat much, except for the linguini I cut for him out of the leftover dough, but Lily went at it with full force and gave her scraps to the dog - so everyone got in on the action.
Sunday morning was toasted millet muffins that everyone actually ate, including Satchmo once again, who now has to be let outside every six minutes or so. Leftover pasta for lunch, and red lentil & chicken curry with homemade naan for dinner. Satchmo & Lily went with the naan, but wisely decided to forego the curry. Actually, I think Satchmo would have given it a shot, but seemed a bit preoccupied with trying to open the back door. To be honest, it wasn't the best Indian I've ever made... curry was a bit bland, and for some reason which I can't figure out, the naan refused to puff up while it was baking. It was a bit like eating in a Bangalorian prison. All the while, Nuova sat by just observing, occasionally creaking with boiler pressure.
Weekends always have their ups and downs, kids get tired and cranky, I get tired and cranky... but the high points always make it worthwhile. Coming downstairs on a Saturday morning is perfect... well rested kids milling around, picking at bacon and pancakes... smiles and furious dashes to find new yogurt in the fridge... everyone starts fresh, and it seems like the family I always imagined having. Almost Norman Rockwell. As of last Sunday, thanks to the plumbing expertise of my wonderful father, we have a shimmering stainless steel 110 pound addition to the family, and weekend mornings are a bit sunnier. So here I am, on a Monday at home with the kids, still thinking about coming downstairs yesterday morning... two smiling kids, Sara with hair all akimbo, and the nuova bambino pulsing with excitement to start the day. If only Sara could share my (random & bizarre) obsession... why... it could be the third child we always wanted....
At least I'm not on drugs...

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