Monday, January 08, 2007

Stranded At The Drive In, Branded A Fool

"Girls in this school are crazy."
That's how it all started. There I was sitting at my desk, getting ready to leave for the day, when a 16 year old girl named Heather came in and plopped down next to me.
"Yes, yes they are."... doing my best not to get roped into another one of these conversations with her.... which, of course, doesn't work.
"All I said to Lindsey was that she shouldn't be so mean to her boyfriend because he's a nice guy and it's just not right to treat him like that in front of everybody and now she's all mad at me but I had to say something because like I think that the way you treat people now is like how you're going to treat people when your older and she's my best friend and who is going to like her if she keeps treating people like that whenever they say something you don't like..."
"But Heather..."
"... and I saw her talking to Jen and now the two of them aren't talking to me even though all I meant was she should be mean to people and yesterday I got this weird rash on the top of my legs and it's all bumpy so my aunt who's a doctor came over and said that I should take benedryl to see if it helps but I can't because I'd just sleep all day..."
"So did you try to..."
"...and my parents are going to the Bahamas for five days and I get to stay home by myself for the first time and I can't believe they're actually going it's going to be killer so if I'm not here I'm probably skipping or I missed my train..."
... and on and on it went. Seriously, I even toned it down a little... and all I could think was, for the love of god, please let Lily skip this stage.

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