Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Thanks" but no "thanks"

You know, I may not be the best writer in the world, and I've certainly made my share of grammatical errors, typos, sentence fragments, etc... but you know what? If you can't write, don't write to me. I know it sounds snobbish, but I really don't care.... Here is the deal, can't complete a sentence? Having some trouble saying something? Never had an english class? Fine, email me, but get to the point. Want to spill your soul to me while asking for some catering advice? Buy a copy of Strunk and White, read it, learn it, live it, and then write.
Why am I acting like an ass, you ask? I am in the middle of negotiating this catering deal, and the guy who I'm writing back and forth to keeps freakin' putting things in quotes.
Thanks for making this "easy" (he says) I'm sure it will be "Fun"... You should talk to "John Edwards" when you have a menu (and the most random of all) I'm sure that "you and Kate will do a great job" for us.
"You and Kate will do a great job"... in quotes? Seriously? I really have to hold myself back from writing - Hey, I have an idea, why don't you make your own fucking "food", because you're driving me "insane" and I don't think that I'll "be able" to meet you in "person" without slapping you across the back of the "head". As it is, every "time" I get an email from you I feel like "stabbing my eyes out with a fork".
Sorry, I'm a little "tense" today.


Lauren said...

So I've been lurking on your blog every once in a while (does that make me sketchy?). My mom gave me the web address. I know that you have a tracker, so are you wondering who the heck has been viewing your blog from MA? It's me :)
I had to respond to this post b/c it made me also confirms that we're related! Things like that really piss me off too, especially when they're business related.
It's great that I'm able to stay up to date on you and your family. Maybe I should start a blog...hmmm

:::checking comment for grammatical errors:::

~Cousin Lauren

msmaria said...

take a deep breath Joe..relax

your sister in law

Squishy said...

I totally feel your "frustration" no really I do! ;)

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