Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some Thanks, And A Bit Of Exercise

Really goofy post here. We started uploading videos yesterday from our new camera, and I thought I would share a quick few. First and foremost, a long overdue thanks to Amelita from Sam for all of the candy she sent from Australia. We're still picking through the stash, and it occurred to Sam yesterday that she might not know what a Peep is, so we thought we could give her a quick look into the majesty that is American Obesity.

Of course after you ingest ridiculous amounts of Peeps, what better way to work it off than with a spot of exercise? What we lack in exercise equipment, we make up for in dog bones and scrabble boards...

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Squishy said...

How gorgeous are they? They are so beautiful. Thank you very much Sam for letting me know what a peep is. We don't have them here in Australia. I hope you guys loved all the little things I sent you. If your really lucky I will send you a new care package next month when we get paid. You will have to let me know what your favorite things were so I can send some more of them. I have spotted some more interesting things to send you and something for your Dad. Your goldfish and dog are very cute also. We have three goldfish and two cats. Loved the exercise video. Look forward to hearing from you guys again soon.


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