Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Beginnings & Bird Poop

Since last time I've been here, I guess you could say I've recovered. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, and I'm honestly surprised at how much a person can bleed without passing out, but aside from some swelling, I'm cool.
To celebrate my new found ability to breathe, I've decided to catch up I everything I was supposed to have done in the last six months but didn't - sounds like quite a party, yes? Luckily, a good chunk of my mental list was little goofy stuff - changing batteries in things, sorting through paperwork, waterproofing my shoes - you know, the things that you probably do every day while I've been sitting on the couch watching reruns of 'The Dating Game'. One of the big things I did was finally buy a new car after hemming and hawing for months. I went with something a little bigger than my Xterra since we had a tendency to fill that from top to bottom and load things on the roof from time to time. I got a Pathfinder, and after it was bought and paid for my lovely wife told me she thought it was more of a 'dad' car since the Xterra was a little sportier - a comment which hurt me more than she'll ever know... but I really like it, and the kids don't want to get out of it since they get to sit back in the third row which is reeeeeally ass-far away from the front seat. The only problem is I seem to be attracting an inordinate amount of birds. I don't know if it's the color, shimmer of new wax, or maybe resembles the shape of a really big Mourning Dove nest - but I'm being shit on all day. Seriously, every time I walk out of the house there is another poo spot on it, and yesterday while I was driving I swear I saw a group of Barn Swallows make an abrupt right turn so that they could fly directly over my windshield.
Another thing we've had in the works for a while was actually planting and taking care of (that's the part we have trouble with) our vegetable garden, and we hatched a plan to keep us somewhat motivated. First of all, we took the kids with us to shop for seeds and had them help us plant them in trays inside. Second, we started a blog so that we would sort of have to keep up with it... you know, once it's out there we'll be forced to show how well it's doing or how high the weeds are. Plus, it's an extra bit of recession-proofing, which can never hurt. Anyway, if you'd like to peek in on it or come by and steal a fresh tomato in the dead of night, you check out the blog here.

Oh, and the kids are fine...

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