Monday, August 16, 2010


Been a long time, hasn't it? It usually is, I know. Some how I can't seem to get it together as often as I'd like (or as often as my sister does) but I haven't forgotten about this blog. We've done a bundle since the last time I was here... gone on vacation, gotten a new puppy, been through painting and construction, and tried to stop the summer from flying by (which was unsuccessful, by the way). But we're still here. At the moment, unshowered, tired and here.
Basically, I came here just to fill in some space, and promise that there will be more to come. For those of you out of the loop, our last few days have been completely dog. If you haven't had a puppy in the house before, it's a heck of a lot like having a kid... life stops for a while, and everything you do is structured around walking, feeding, training, and rescuing shoes that are moments away from being chewed into bits. On the plus side it doesn't last forever, just feels a bit like it... More reports on us and Madigan's East Jesus Agent Buttersteve to come....

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